Waiting for a Miracle

This post is not about yarn, but is about something that many women struggle with in silence. In the past few years, I’ve seen more women being vocal about this struggle. It’s something that I never thought would happen to me, but it did. Speaking out about it is helpful for me and I hopeContinue reading “Waiting for a Miracle”

FIRST PATTERN: Easy Baby Blanket

Crochet baby blankets can be a perfect project for those who are beginners. They are also great projects if you’re making a pattern for the first time. I truly enjoy gifting new mamas with custom made baby blankets. My very first baby blanket was made using Bernat Blanket Yarn in white. It’s a fairly easyContinue reading “FIRST PATTERN: Easy Baby Blanket”

Crochet Projects for Beginners

What are the best crochet projects for beginners? So, you just started crocheting? Or maybe you want to, but don’t know where to begin. You’ve searched youtube, instagram, and pinterest to try to figure out where you should begin. You may have even picked out a yarn that you quickly discovered that you don’t like.Continue reading “Crochet Projects for Beginners”

Let me introduce myself…

Hey There! My name is Nicole, the person behind Gracefully Crafted. I’m a mom (cat and boy mom), Christian, marketer (by profession), and Firefighter wife. Why a blog? Well, I want to share with you my passion for creating. Not only do I crochet, but I write, bake and cook. I love creating! Why crocheting?Continue reading “Let me introduce myself…”